May 182014
Free Summer Movies At Cobb Theatres 2014

Cobb Theatres free summer movies


Are you looking for free things to do with the kids this summer, then check out the Free Summer Movies at Cobb Theatres. The Free Summer Movies at Cobb Theatres begin on June 17, 2014 and the summer movie program at Cobb continues until August 7, 2014, so take your kids along for some free and fun summer fun.… Read more

Aug 052013
Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies - It's The Last Week

Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies Logo

Are you looking for something fun and frugal to do with the kids during the last part of summer vacation? If so, perhaps the Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies will be something your kids will enjoy. This is the last week of the dollar movie program at Regal, but you can take your kids Tuesday and Wednesdays at 10 A.M, for a dollar per person.… Read more

Jul 252013
July Is National Park and Recreation Month

July is national Park and Recreation Month

Did you know that July is National Park and Recreation Month? It sure is, and my family has taken advantage of our local parks all summer. With four kids and a very small backyard, the local parks are a great place to bring along the kids, their bikes, a picnic blanket, drinks and some snacks.

For some extra fun, we’ve also brought the kids grandparents to the park, we’ve brought along friends, and this year we even explored lots of local parks with my brother, his wife and their kids.… Read more

Jul 222013
Regal Dollar Movies 2013 (Bring The Kids Tomorrow!)


Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies Logo

The summer weather has been very unsteady here in South Florida, and I am running out of fun and frugal things to do with the kids. Thankfully we still have the Regal Dollar Movies 2013 on Tuesday and Wednesdays, which are a great frugal family activity.

The Regal Dollar Movies play every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM, and this week’s Regal Dollar Movies are: Yogi Bear and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.… Read more

Jul 152013
Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies

Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies Logo

If you need a fun and frugal activity to enjoy, why not consider taking them to the Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

With a lot of rainy and stormy days here in South Florida, we escaped to the movie theater last week. The kids and I watched Paranorman, which they enjoyed (and I tolerated). I was a bit nervous about bring four kids including a four-month-old to the movie theater, but as with everything else, the baby just seems to enjoy the new experiences.… Read more

Jul 082013
1 Dollar Movies at Regal Cinemas: Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Regal Summer Movies Logo

It’s almost getting too hot for outside activities here in South Florida, unless of course you are in the pool or swimming in the ocean. This is why taking the kids to the Regal Cinemas 1 Dollar Movies on Tuesday and Wednesdays is a great escape from the heat, and the kids do not mind this special summer treat.


Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM, you can bring the kids along for a $1 dollar movie at your local Regal Cinemas Theater.… Read more

Jun 142013
Get Free Books From The Barnes & Noble Reading Program

Free book barnes and noble

Every year I try to encourage my kids to read throughout the summer, and for the past several years we have participated in the Barnes and Noble reading program. The reward to participate in this program is a new book, and my kids love getting new books.

From experience my kids have learned that the earlier they drop off their Barnes and Noble reading lists, the better selection of books there will be for them to choose between.… Read more

Jun 072013
Rave Free Summer Movies 2013

Rave Cinemas Free Summer Movies 2013

I know a lot of Frugality Is Free readers have been looking for information about the Rave free summer movies 2013 , and unfortunately I have do not have good news for this year. Rave has been taken over by Cinemark, and while there are therefore no rave free summer movies 2013, there are plans to reintroduce this offer for next year according to the Rave Facebook page.… Read more

Jun 052013
Cobb Free Summer Movies 2013

Cobb Theatres free summer movies


Summer vacation is just one day away here in South Florida, and I am putting together a calendar full of frugal and free summer activities to do with my four children. If you are looking for free things to do with the kids this summer, make sure to check out the Cobb free Summer Movies 2013 schedule. Cobb Theatres have locations in Florida, Alabama and Virginia.… Read more

May 252013
Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies 2013 - Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Regal Summer Movies Logo

The Regal Cinema’s Summer Movie Express 2013 is ready to launch and the Frugality Is Free family will participate for the third year. With four kids in the family the Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies program is a great way to have some frugal family fun without breaking the bank.

The participating Regal Cinemas will show the Summer Movie Express dollar movies every Tuesday and Wednesdays.… Read more