Jun 012017
Get A Free Book at the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Every year our children start off the summer with a visit to Barnes & Noble to participate in the Barnes & Noble summer reading program. They hand in their completed reading logs, and then they pick out a free book. It is such a great way to start off the summer reading, and the program gets the kids excited about reading.… Read more

Feb 012017
Our Free Deal Today  - We've got $40 For You To Get Started at Online Consignment Shopping

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned ThredUp here at Frugality Is free, but today we’ll give anther shout out to this online consignment store. This morning we received an email that we had a $10 referral credit waiting in my account.

If we had bought this skirt new at the store it would have cost around $16, so that’s 100% saved.… Read more

Dec 072016
Hot $10 off $10 Target Coupon - Free Teacher's Gifts & More

A $10 off $10 Target coupon showed up in our inbox the other day, and it came just in time for buying teacher’s gifts. Look in your inbox for an email titled “Surprise! Coupon for $10 off holiday decorations inside” from (targetnews@e.target.com).

The coupon froze down the register, so the manager had to take me to another register and put it in manually, just in case you are having problems with the coupon.… Read more

Aug 262016
Free National Park Week

Our kids are excited, because this week is Free National Park Week. That means it is the perfect weekend for a family outing, because for a family of six, it can get expensive to explore our local treasures. From August 25 to 28, you can get free admission at your favorite national parks too. … Read more

Aug 052016
Donate and Earn New Clothes - We Got $150 Worth of Clothes For Our Donation

We had a big yard sale before we moved, where we sold a lot of old clothes, but we still had some left that did not sell. Everything was packed up and sent off to Schoola. When you donate to Schoola, they send you a bag for free, and shipping to Schoola is free as well. 40 percent off the proceeds off the sale is then donated to the school of your choice, and once a school earns more than $20 in proceeds this school will be sent a check from Schoola.… Read more

Jul 282016
$250 Worth of Clothes  - $1 Shipped! You Can Do It Too!

The kids are just about to start their new schools, and they are excited. With our move this summer, it has been almost impossible to do much shopping, which is why we’re incredibly thankful for Schoola. We’ve shopped for back to school for our kids all year round, mostly with credit and always with coupons and free shipping.

We’ve got $20 for you to spend at Schoola too, and if you use the Schoola coupon code and your credit you can get $30 worth of Schoola clothes for $1, or simply get $20 Schoola clothes shipped for free.… Read more

Jul 202016
How To Do Back To School Shopping For Free - Get Your Kids Those Crazy Name Brands For Free!

Do you have kids going to back to school in August? We’ve got three boys going back to school, but this year they are all attending new school, and all the schools are uniform free. This is not cheap, and we’re moving into a much more affluent school district than we’re used to, so we’ve tried to take this into consideration as well.… Read more

Jun 202016
Shop Back To School with 50% Off at Schoola + Free Shipping & Get $20!


Back To ScBack To School Sales Schoola June Offerhool Sales Schoola June Offer


How To Get the Best Deal at Schoola:

  1. Sign up for Schoola here and get $20 to shop for. (This is our referral link – if you sign up, see what you like and actually use your $20, we get $20 to shop for too)
  2. Go select the sizes you need, the brands you want, and then click low to high prices in the top right corner.
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Apr 292016
Shop For Free w/ 50% Off - Get $20 + Free Shipping (Ends Saturday)

50 percent off Schoola

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching so is the countdown for our kids school changes. Next year all three of our boys will be at new schools, and there will be no school uniforms. Thanks to online consignment shopping we’ve been able to get great name brands for pennies or even free.


Schoola has been tightening up their referral bonuses and limiting the free shipping, but today you can get free shipping on all orders plus get $10 free to shop for and you may even be able to get an extra $10 bonus.… Read more