Jun 022015
Wordless Wednesday Linky: It's Raining Mangoes
It’s raining mangoes. Here in South Florida it is mango season, and that means you have to watch your step in our garden, because at any time a mango might drop.
growing mangoes
All day and all night, we hear thumps on the roof, then the roll and a dunk, which means a mango has fallen…and you better get it quick, before the bugs and the squirrel gets it.… Read more
Mar 312015
Wordless Wednesday Linky: The First Tomato Harvest

We’ve packed away the “winter” clothes here in South Florida, and this also means that it is time for the first tomato harvest. We have some big tomato types and some grape and cherry tomatoes, but I prefer the small types since there’s a greater chance that we get to eat them before the pests in the garden.

The tomatoes are grown from tomatoes we’ve eaten.… Read more

Jul 292014
The Frugal Garden: Growing Green Onions

As a frugal family, we are all for reusing things, and regrowing green onions is one of our specialties. Growing green onions is extremely easy, and it does not take much room or effort. Our city garden is extremely small, but our green onions are thriving and not only do we save money by not having to buy the green onion, but it also enhances our meals by adding fresh flavor, and we love that we can grow our own food without worrying about the chemicals that have been sprayed on it.… Read more

May 092012
Heirloom Tomato Update + Giveaway Ends Tonight

The Bakers Creek Heirloom Tomato giveaway ends tonight, so I wanted to give you an update on my family’s Heirloom Tomatoes from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. It has now been four weeks, since I first planted the heirloom seeds. This past week a lot of the seedlings grew so much that I had to replant them.

The tomato seedlings are not ready to be planted in their permanent planter yet, as we are getting some very heavy South Florida afternoon storms in May.… Read more

May 022012
The Frugal Garden: Growing Heirloom Tomatoes - Win Some Too!

I wanted to give all of you an update on my Heirloom Tomatoes from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I almost lost them, as I had the seedlings standing out in the sun, and then the South Florida weather changed in an instant. Instead of sunshine, we had a huge storm pass through, and if I had not remembered to bring to heirloom tomato seedlings into cover, they would have been severely hit by the rain.… Read more

Apr 232012
The Frugal Garden: Corn, Pineapple, Lime, Tomatoes & More

growing cornMy frugal garden is providing plenty of tomatoes, and my  kids are extremely excited about our first corn crop. Last year I planted the corn too late, and it basically whithered in the heat. This year I started earlier, and it seems to be paying off.

Our mango tree is filled with great mangoes, but the mangoes need agrowing mangoest least one more month of sunshine before we can start harvesting.… Read more

May 192011
The Frugal Garden: Growing Mangoes
Yesterday my husband brought in the first mango harvest of the year, and it caused a whole lot of excitement. Last year we had a very cold winter, and as a result we hardly got any mangoes or avocados. This year the winter was warm, and the spring has been hot, so the mangoes have started ripening about a month early.… Read more
Mar 052011
Frugality and Gardening: Free Seeds and Frugal Gardening Tips

Frugality is a lifestyle, and frugal gardening can be a big help in your efforts to live a frugal lifestyle. Although I live in the city, I am determined to have a garden, not only because I get cheap or free fruits and veggies, but also because I want to teach my children where their foods come from, and I want to teach them that by nurturing a plant you can get some very tasty rewards.… Read more

Feb 162011
The "Almost" Wordless Wednesday Linky - Outdoor Wednesday: South Florida Gardening

This week I am posting a garden update from my small frugal city garden for “Almost” Wordless Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday, as we are in the middle of the gardening season here in South Florida. You can link up your Wordless Wednesday posts at the Wordless Wednesday Linky below.

The First Green Pepper

My new garden bed from Plow & Hearth (Tomatoes, garlic, peppers and potatoes)
My new reed fence from CSN Stores – In front of it I have a rosemary bush, a habanero bush, radishes, tomatoes, potatoes and an avocado tree in the middle.
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