Sep 052014
Free Doll Clothes Patterns - Easy Shirt For 18-Inch-Doll

Free doll clothes pattern

If you have a little girl in the family, I am sure you know how expensive doll clothes can be. For the past year I have been making doll clothes for a doll that I won, and which Bellamy Blue will receive for Christmas. Some clothing I have made from my own designs, but every Friday I get free doll clothes patterns at Pixie Faire.… Read more

Aug 212014
How To Make A Tutu (For Less Than $5)

How To Make A Tutu


I grew up sewing, knitting and creating, but I will admit that after having three boys my creative skills were put on hold. All of it changed, when Bellamy Blue arrived though, because I’ve re-found my passion for creating now that I have a child in the house that appreciates my creations. I have been making lots of doll outfits, and created tutu skirts for all her little friends dolls.… Read more

Apr 272014
How To Make Doll Clothes - A Sundress Made From Baby Clothes

If you liked my post earlier this year about how to make doll clothes from free doll clothes pattern, you are going to love this post even more. I’ve often wondered about how to make doll clothes, and now that Bellamy Blue is at the age, where dolls are the big thing, I’ve quickly learned how to make doll clothes.… Read more

Jan 012014
Making Your Own Doll Clothes With Free Doll Clothes Patterns & Scrap Fabric

I took a bit of a blogging break – well, blogging less at least – over the Christmas break, but it was mainly due to the fact that I finally got our sewing machine out of the closet. I will admit that I had lost my desire for sewing over the past many years, since sewing for boys just isn’t much fun at all.… Read more

Nov 242012
A Frugal Gift: Get A Free Walgreen's Photo (Last Day Today!)

Free Walgreens photo

Today is the last day to get your free Walgreen’s Photo enlargement. Make it today, choose free pick up at store and you can pick it up any time. Use the Walgreen’s coupon code: FREE2THANK to get a FREE  8 x 10 Enlargement, this is a great frugal gift idea for a grandparents’ gifts from the kids.


To get your Free Photo at Walgreens:

  1. Sign in or create an account at Walgreens Photo to get your free Walgreens photo freebie.
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Nov 202012
The Holiday Gift Guide Frugal Ideas: A Frugal Gift For Kids


When it comes to the holidays I am always asked for frugal ideas, and those I have plenty of. One of my favorite frugal gift ideas is in fact a book box.

My boys never had the same hunger for reading as I did, when I was young, and it used to make me sad. This was until I discovered that it was just a matter of incentizing reading, and providing them with books tailored to their specific interest.… Read more

Feb 082012
Gift Ideas for Women On Valentine's Day & Other Special Occasions (Share This With Your Significant Other)
A few years ago, Sue from I Need Mom shared the gift giving tips below, and I thought it was the perfect post to share with all of you just in time for Valentine’s Day, because maybe your significant other needs some gift ideas for women or gift giving tips.

What Should I Buy My Girlfriend? (Wife or Significant Other)
By Sue from I Need Mom 

Ladies-print this now, and leave it somewhere that your special person can see it.… Read more
Jun 082011
Frugal Teacher's Gift Ideas: Garden Gift Baskets
My sons are excited about their last day of school tomorrow, and when they started talking about giving their teachers a gift, I had to come up with some frugal teacher’s gift ideas quick.
I wanted to come up with something simple, frugal and something that said Florida summer. 

I picked up baskets at Dollar Tree for $1 each, and then the boys each picked out some mangoes from our mango tree, grape tomatoes and a couple of hot habanero peppers from the garden. 

It is not an extravagant teacher’s gift, but it is one that comes from the heart and our garden.Read more

May 092011
Frugality Tip: A Frugal Welcome Basket
Have you ever had a stash of free samples that you did not know what to do with? If you do, I have a very frugal tip that you may be able to use. We are having overseas visitors this week, and I created a welcome basket filled with free samples and freebies, so that my guest would not have to run to the store in case they forgot anything, ran out or worst case scenario lost their luggage.… Read more
Jun 062010
A Beauty Basket - A Frugal Gift Idea

In March I was able to find a fantastic bargain at JoAnns, huge sewing baskets for $0.97 each.

I picked one up for myself and one for my three-year-old niece. She is the only one I have to buy pink for, as I have three boys. Since she will be coming to visit this Tuesday, and I will get to see her for the first time in 2 1/2 years, I ended up going overboard on the pink.… Read more