Feb 112016
How To Sell on Craigslist - Ten Tips To Make Money By Decluttering

Craigslist Selling Tips

As we are preparing our move to greener pastures, we’ve been cleaning out big time here in the Frugality Is Free family. Over the years, we’ve been both buying and selling on Craigslist, and at this point we have the Craigslist selling down. We are planning on having one or two yard sales before our move, but first we try selling on Craigslist, because we can get a better price than at a yard sale.… Read more

Jan 242015
Frugal Living: Yard Sale Tips

We usually try to have a yard sale every fall, but last year we decided to skip it and wait until spring, since Bellamy Blue would be done with more of the baby stuff. Today was our yard sale day, and we were hoping to declutter our home a little. For the past month, we have been preparing for the yard sale, by tackling different sorting projects around the house.… Read more

Jan 232015
Frugal Living: Save On Clothes By Shopping Ahead - See How We Bought $6000 Worth of Clothing For $88!

With four kids in the family, we go through a lot of clothes. Years ago, when we were in college and had a little one, I learned the lesson of shopping ahead to save on clothes, and my husband has seen how it works, so 13 years later we now have a very organized storage system when it comes to clothes and shoes.… Read more

Sep 052014
Free Doll Clothes Patterns - Easy Shirt For 18-Inch-Doll

Free doll clothes pattern

If you have a little girl in the family, I am sure you know how expensive doll clothes can be. For the past year I have been making doll clothes for a doll that I won, and which Bellamy Blue will receive for Christmas. Some clothing I have made from my own designs, but every Friday I get free doll clothes patterns at Pixie Faire.… Read more

Aug 252014
Our Khan Academy Review - A Priceless Free Math Program

khan academy

School is back in session, and thanks to Khan Academy our boys are ready and prepared for what the new school year brings in terms of math. Throughout the summer, our two oldest sons have put in at least two hours a week at Khan academy going over, what they had learned in the previous grades. After having reviewed all of the math skills from the previous year, they are now ready to absorb new math skills in school.… Read more

Aug 212014
How To Make A Tutu (For Less Than $5)

How To Make A Tutu


I grew up sewing, knitting and creating, but I will admit that after having three boys my creative skills were put on hold. All of it changed, when Bellamy Blue arrived though, because I’ve re-found my passion for creating now that I have a child in the house that appreciates my creations. I have been making lots of doll outfits, and created tutu skirts for all her little friends dolls.… Read more

Apr 022012
Frugal Living: Homemade Easter Baskets

Homemade Easter  BasketsI took my kids to a local egg hunt this weekend, and the kids had a blast. The only problem was that we did not have any Easter baskets, but we set out to make our own homemade Easter baskets. We had lots of ideas, and we ended up trying three different things.

First we assessed what we had on hand, and it included milk cartons, shoe boxes, gift bags, wrapping paper, magazines and fabric.… Read more

Aug 102011
The Acer Black Screen - A Frugal Computer Fix
This morning I woke up the infamous Acer Black Screen problem, which is also referred to as the Acer black screen of death. I have encountered the Acer black screen problem numerous times, and it is extremely frustrating.
Fortunately there is an easy fix to the Acer Black Screen, and the best part is that it is an extremely frugal solution.… Read more
Aug 022011
Free Avocados - When Cash Isn't The Only Payment Form
Avocado season has finally arrived in South Florida, and while I have no avocado trees with fruit, there is an avocado tree on a property that my husband manages. Every August we get lots of free avocados, and the homegrown kind surely is the best.
I have several avocado trees growing, but they are only 1 – 2 years old, so they still have a few years left before they start bearing fruit.The avocados still need a little time before they are ready to eat, but I have the feeling I need to pick up lots of cheap Aldi tortillas tomorrow, so I am ready to prepare some great-tasting Mexican feasts, whenever the free avocados do ripen.… Read more
Jun 042011
Frugal Living: Molluscum Contagiosum Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment
Molluscum ACV BathIf you have never heard of Molluscum Contagiousum consider yourself lucky. However, if you are one of the less than fortunate ones, who have either had or have had children with Molluscum Contagiosum, I am sure that you have been extremely frustrated. If you or your child currently has Molloscum Contagiosum, I have three words for you that will change your life: Apple Cider Vinegar.… Read more
May 092011
Frugality Tip: A Frugal Welcome Basket
Have you ever had a stash of free samples that you did not know what to do with? If you do, I have a very frugal tip that you may be able to use. We are having overseas visitors this week, and I created a welcome basket filled with free samples and freebies, so that my guest would not have to run to the store in case they forgot anything, ran out or worst case scenario lost their luggage.… Read more