Sep 072012
Grocery Price List: ALDI, Target, Publix, Winn-Dixie & Walmart Price List

groceriesMy two oldest boys are back in school, which means I finally had time to get the grocery price list updated here at Frugality Is Free. Below you can find a September 2012 grocery price list comparison for some of the most popular grocery stores in South Florida, and while the prices in South Florida are usually a bit higher than in the rest of the country, the actually price differences between the stores should be very similar elsewhere.… Read more

Jun 012012
June Grocery Price List: ALDI, Target, Winn-Dixe, Publix and Walmart Prices

Grocery Price List Aldi Walmart Target Publix and Winn Dixie

I have been busy updating the June grocery price list today, and I was surprised to see a lot of price increases all around. I have also tried to make the list more user friendly by using different colors for every store, and I have divided the price lists into categories to make it easier to find a certain item.

If you have a slow Internet connection, you may need to let this page load a bit, as the price list is a Google document.… Read more

Apr 132012
The Grocery Price Comparison: Publix, Aldi, Target, Winn-Dixe and Walmart Price List

Groery Price ListI have been wanting to transfer the grocery price list to Frugality Is Free, but I had some issues with using my Excel spreadsheet on WordPress. Thankfully I am now getting fluent in Google Docs, so here you go….a brand new Grocery Price List for all of you.

If you have any suggestions, as to how I can make it more helpful, I would love to hear your ideas.… Read more

Jul 302011
One of the ways that I save money every week is by using price lists. At The Aldi Spot, my Aldi shopping blog, I have a big grocery price list comparison, where I list an Aldi price list and compare it with price lists form Publix, Walmart, Winn-Dixie, and Target. I mostly list products, which I rarely have coupons for, because this way I can find out where to buy a product such as produce, flour, sugar, milk etc., if I do not have a coupon.… Read more
Feb 182011

On Wednesday I took my boys around the city shopping, which they are thankfully getting used to. In the morning I take the two youngest boys to Target, CVS and Publix, then I drop my middle son off at school before picking up my oldest son. I then head to Aldi and another Target store with my oldest son and my middle son, and if the little one is napping, my oldest son and I get to spend some bonding time.… Read more