Mar 292014
Deluxe Light-Up Superman Super Hero Costumes

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superman costume

Our youngest son is into super heros these days, and he loves dressing up as one of his favorite super heroes. So, when the Deluxe Light-Up Superman Boy’s Costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes arrived, he was eager to try it on. Wholesale Halloween Costumes has an extensive section of costumes dedicated to super hero costumes including Man of Steel, Superman, Batman, Flash, Captain American and many more.… Read more

Oct 102013
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes For Halloween

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This year my youngest son got to choose a new Halloween costume for the first time, as he has been dressing up in hand-me downs for the past Halloweens. He has been perfectly content with the selection of hand-me downs from his older brothers though, as he wanted to be just like them.

After looking through a big part of the Halloween costumes at Halloween Adventure, my youngest son was trying to decide between three different costumes: A police officer costume, a Ninja Turtles costume and an Iron Man costume.… Read more

Jun 212013
Cool Soldier Costumes For Kids - Delta Force

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soldier costume

Halloween might be a few months away, but here at the Frugality Is Free family the kids are already talking about what they want to be. The baby is going to be a unicorn, our youngest son has yet to make up his mind, our middle son is set on being batman yet again, and this year our oldest son is set on being a soldier.… Read more

Sep 182012
Halloween 2012: Dark Knight Batman Costume For Kids Review

The Dark Knight Batman Costume This year my middle son got to choose a new Halloween costume from the Wholesale Costume Club, which is booming with new 2012 Halloween costumes. My six-year-old son knows what he likes, and despite the hundreds of costume options, he quickly zoomed in on the batman costumes. The Wholesale Costume Club had several batman costumes to choose between, but my son’s final choice was the Dark Knight Batman Costume for kids with muscle chest.… Read more

Sep 182011
Astronaut Costume From Costume Discounters Review
Astronaut costume
My oldest son recently received his Halloween costume for this year from Costume Discounters, and he is thrilled with his new costume. After browsing through hundreds of cool costumes including numerous astronaut costumes, he finally chose the junior astronaut costume from Costume Discounters.
The astronaut costume arrived quickly, in perfect condition and it looked just like the costume we had seen online at… Read more
Oct 282010
My Frugal Homemade Shark Costume - Halloween

My four-year-old son wants to be a shark scientist. He knows how to spell shark, and he knows more about sharks than I do, and I sure have read a lot of books about sharks because of his fascination. When he announced a while ago that he wanted to be a shark for Halloween, I knew that his mind was made up, and I started searching for a shark costume.… Read more

Sep 032010
Armed Forces Pilot Costume from The Wholesale Costume Club Review
My oldest son recently got a chance to choose a Halloween costume from the Wholesale Costume Club, and while I thought it would be an easy choice, it turned out to be quite a difficult decision for my son to make. After browsing through hundreds of Halloween costumes, he finally decided upon the Junior Armed Forces PilotCostume from the Wholesale Costume Club.Read more