Mar 022014
How To Win Giveaways - The One Year Update!

When I was pregnant with our daughter, I realized that there would be less time for blogging in the coming year, while the need for helping out with our family budget would only increase. Not wanting to sacrifice on the special time with our little daughter and her three brothers, I decided to start looking for other ways than writing reviews to help stretch the budget.… Read more

Jan 012014
Making Your Own Doll Clothes With Free Doll Clothes Patterns & Scrap Fabric

I took a bit of a blogging break – well, blogging less at least – over the Christmas break, but it was mainly due to the fact that I finally got our sewing machine out of the closet. I will admit that I had lost my desire for sewing over the past many years, since sewing for boys just isn’t much fun at all.… Read more

Dec 022012
Target Christmas Clearance 2012

Target Christmas Clearance

It is December! At our house, we have started pulling out the holiday decorations, and after a few years of Target Christmas clearance shopping, my Holiday decoration boxes are filled to the rim.

When we first moved to Florida, we only had one small box with Christmas decorations, but every year our collection has grown thanks to all the Target Christmas Clearance finds.… Read more

Nov 212012
What Is Ebates?


What is Ebates

If you are gearing up for the shopping season, I want to remind all of you to start shopping at your favorite cash back site. A big part about how to be frugal is being smart about your shopping habits, and by earning cash back on what you would have bought anyway, you take the frugality up a notch. My favorite cash back shopping by far is EBATES.… Read more

Nov 202012
The Holiday Gift Guide Frugal Ideas: A Frugal Gift For Kids


When it comes to the holidays I am always asked for frugal ideas, and those I have plenty of. One of my favorite frugal gift ideas is in fact a book box.

My boys never had the same hunger for reading as I did, when I was young, and it used to make me sad. This was until I discovered that it was just a matter of incentizing reading, and providing them with books tailored to their specific interest.… Read more

Oct 272012
How To Be Frugal: Declutter With The Amazon Trade In Program

Today’s How To Be Frugal post is about decluttering, and about how you can earn from the process of decluttering your home. I have been on my usual fall decluttering mission, which eventually will end up in a yearly yard sale together with our neighbors. However, this year I decided to look at different options for some of the items, because yard sale prices are usually pretty low, and our yard sale goers usually go after very specific items.… Read more

Oct 152012
How To Be Frugal: Shop For Free at ThredUp + Get Free Shipping

thredup logo

Today I want to talk about how to be frugal by buying second hand clothes, because if you choose wisely, you may be able to buy your child a new wardrobe for less than $50. I recently put in my second order at ThredUp, and once again I was absolutely impressed with the clothing I received. Although everything was second-hand clothing, it was in excellent condition.… Read more

Jul 252012
How To Save On Shoes & Cut Your Family's Shoe Budget

Shoe budgetWith three growing boys ages 2, 6 and 9, it feels as if someone always needs new shoes. There used to be a time, where I could pass a pair of shoes from one kid to another, but this is no longer the case with my two oldest sons. My kids do a lot of walking, and the shoes show signs thereof, so in many cases, the big boys wear out the shoes before they grow out of them.… Read more

Jul 222012
Onion Rings Recipe

homemade onion ringsAfter a long day at the park with the kids, I really just felt like getting take out. However, frugal as I am, I ended up making a go at my own favorite take out meal: Falafel in pita with yogurt dressing and onion rings. Amazingly the meal turned out great, and I am especially proud of my homemade onion rings.… Read more

Jul 222012
Fix Your Stroller Handlebar With Handlebar Wrap

broken stroller handlebar Teutonia MistralWhether your child’s bike need a handlebar fix, or the stroller handlebar has been worn by use, there is an easy fix. I absolutely love my Teutonia Mistral stroller, but after seven years and two kids the rubber handlebar wrap recently began breaking, and I needed a quick, affordable and easy fix that would last.

My first reaction was to look for black duct tape, but then I remembered using handlebar wrap on my own bike as a child, and I decided to do some research.… Read more