Apr 242011
Mossy Bayou Gift Pack Review & Giveaway (Lousiana Style Cajun Specialty Foods)
I recently received a gift box of Cajun inspired Louisiana foods and seasonings from Mossy Bayou Foods, a Louisiana based company, and I have been very impressed. My family eats a lot of spicy foods, and we are not afraid to try something new. In the past some Cajun style foods have impressed us, while others fell short, so I was eager to see, how the Cajun food products from Mossy Bayou Foods would be received by my entire family. 
Mossy Bayou Foods offers great Cajun food products, and if you are looking for real Cajun flavor, Mossy Bayou Foods has a great Louisiana style Cajun food selection. 

Cajun Style Chicken with Pop Corn Rice from Mossy Bayou Foods
Last night I made Cajun style chicken with pop corn rice from Mossy Bayou Foods, and it was a hit with my family.… Read more