Mar 302011
Organically Grown Organic Baby Clothes Giveaway
Organic clothing is gaining popularity, mostly because moms like me are becoming more concerned about the chemicals that surround our little ones every day. Organically Grown is one of the leading companies when it comes to organic baby clothes, and I am definitely a fan.
When it comes to dressing my little ones, I believe that comfort and safety should go hand-in-hand.… Read more
Dec 102010
BabyBaby Skin Care Body Wash Review and BabyBaby Gift Certificate Giveaway

One of the things that frightens me as a mom is the unknown, because how can I protect my children if I do not know what the danger looks like? If I pick up a regular children’s shampoo, baby wash or lotion at the store, the ingredient list will be very lengthy, and most often it is like reading a different language.

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