May 192014
The Best Summer Toys: Steel Sand Digger from HearthSong Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Summer is right around the corner, but here in South Florida it sure feels like summer already, and our boys are counting down the days to summer vacation. At this time of the year, I always try to come up with the best summer toys for the kids, especially since our youngest son has a summer birthday. Our go to places for the best summer toys for kids are HearthSong and Magic Cabin, because these companies have the best selection of classic toys for kids that bring back nostalgic memories as well as new toys that are sure to become classics.… Read more

Nov 272013
Holiday Gift Guide: All Surface Swingball Game From HearthSong Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway
swingballThis year we wanted to find a gift for our oldest boys that they could use outside. They already have a basketball hoop, which is very popular, and they love to play hoop with their friends. However, this time around I was looking for something a little more portable, something that could be packed away when not in use, and something that could be great for whenever friends come to visit.… Read more

Dec 122012
Plasmacar Review & Giveaway (Holiday Gift Guide) US + CAN

Plasmacar red

After hearing about the Plasmacar for quite a while, this unique ride-on finally made its arrival at our Florida home.

Plasmacar Parts

Curious and a bit puzzled about the popularity of this different ride-on, the kids and I put it together ourselves in no time. It took a little man power, butPlasmacar assembly with the help of my sons and the neighborhood boys, the Plasmacar was soon up and running.… Read more

Nov 092012
Neighborhood Toy Store Day 2012 - Saturday November 10th

Neighborhood Toy Store Day logoThis coming Saturday November 10th is the third annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day, a day to celebrate the local toy stores in your neighborhood. You can find participating toy stores at

The new Neighborhood Toy Store website has been dedicated to help parents, who are looking for the best toys, and it is there to help you locate a store near you, where you can find these toys.… Read more

Jun 182012
AeroSpin Yo-Yo Review & Giveaway

yo yo

The AeroSpin Yo-Yo has arrived, and it is definitely making yo-yos cool again. One summer back in the eighties, my older brother brought his yo-yo along everywhere, and I envied him this wonderful new toy. So, when my oldest son wished for a yo-yo, I did some bargain hunting and found a yo-yo for a dollar. Of course, it did not last long, and I learned my lesson.… Read more

Apr 182012
Step2 Dockside Sandbox & Climber Review + Giveaway

Step2 Dockside Sandbox and ClimberWith my youngest son’s third birthday coming up, I have been looking for the perfect birthday gift for a toddler. The Step2 Dockside Sandbox and Climber is a perfect match, because it encourages independent play and activity.

Since my family lives in South Florida, it is very important for us to have shade. While we are fortunate to have a beautiful mango tree in the back yard, which helps keep the temperatures low, the mornings are still pretty sunny in our backyard.… Read more

Mar 062012
Step2 X-Rider Recall
***IMPORTANT: The Step2 X-Rider has been voluntarily recalled. If you own this item, have your child STOP using it immediately and contact Step2 at 1-866-860-1887 or visit
When it comes to toys for toddlers sturdiness means everything. This is why I love the new Step2 X-Rider ride-on toy, because it fulfills all of my mom criteria for a great toddler ride-on.… Read more
Nov 102011
Spinning Seesaw Review & $50 HearthSong Gift Certificate Giveaway
spinning seesaw
We have a very small back yard, but my boys love it and we spend a lot of time outside. My boys have been dreaming of a swing, but we do not have any good branches, and there is no room for a swing set, so I have been looking for an alternative. When I discovered the Spinning Seesaw at HearthSong I knew that I had found what I was looking for, a perfect alternative to a big swing set.
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Oct 252011
Step 2 Taxi Review
Step 2 TaxiIn South Florida the fall is when everyone starts being active outdoors, because finally we can exercise and have fun playing without the burning sun. While the big boys are loving riding their bikes to the park, my toddler is enjoying rides in his new Step 2 Taxi push car.
The Step 2 Taxi is one of the newest toys from Step 2, and Step 2 has really rolled out their expertise this time around.… Read more
Oct 242011
Aerobie Skylighter Flying Disc Review & Giveaway (US + CAN)
Aerobie Skylighter

The Aerobie Skylighter is a cool new toy from Aerobie, a company focused on creating high performance sports toys.

With three boys in the family, the Aerobie Skylighter is the perfect toy to keep my sons busy, whether it is at the park, at home or at the beach. The best part about the Aerobie flying disc is that the boys can play with it whether it is day or night, because the Aerobie Skylighter is a flying disc that lights up at night with a powerful LED light. 

The Aerobie Skylighter is the perfect holiday gift, because it is a a “Made in the USA product”, it is very high-quality and if you are used to cheap flying discs, then you will be very impressed with the quality, the use and the ease of catching the Aerobie Skylighter.The Aerobie Skylighter is a great toy for the entire family, and it is a perfect gift for under the tree this holiday season.… Read more
Oct 102011
Rockboard Scooter Review & Giveaway
Rockboard Scooter
This year the Rockboard Scooter is sure to be a hit under the Christmas tree, and for a very good reason. The other day I decided to take my son’s Rockboard Scooter for a ride on my own, just to see why it gets such high praise from my kids. Thirty minutes later I came inside declaring “I want one too!” to my husband, who thought it was a bit of an odd statement coming from a 31-year-old stay-at-home mom.… Read more
Jul 052011
Backyard Safari Outfitters Gear Review - Outdoor Summer Fun For All
Backyard Safari tent
My kids are fully enjoying their summer vacation with lots of trips to the park, the playground and the beach, and whenever they need a little extra  inspiration for some outdoor fun they bring along their Backyard Safari Outfitters equipment. 
The Backyard Safari Outfitters features gear for boys and girls, who likes to explore and play outdoors. With products such as the Base Camp Shelter, Cargo Vests, Camouflage, the Lazer Light Bug Vacuum, and a hiking stick, the Backyard Safari Outfitters equipment will provide ample opportunity for any young explorer to use their imagination and turn their surroundings into an adventure for everyone.… Read more