Nov 172016
NOVICA Unique Holiday Gifts Giveaway

I truly enjoy holiday shopping, but every year I have a few people on my shopping list that are difficult to shop for. This is where NOVICA comes in, because NOVICA sells unique products from artisans around the world. By shopping at NOVICA  you can find that perfect gift all while supporting an artist in a developing country, and it is a gift that will make both the giver and recipient feel extra special about the gift.… Read more

Oct 272016
1byOne Holiday Laser Light Review - No More Time Consuming Christmas Light Decorating

The holidays are approaching, and so is decorating time. I love all of the Christmas lights displays, but I’ll admit that I’m not too fond about putting up holiday lights and even less so about taking them down again after the holidays. This is why I was eager to try out the 1byOne Garden Laser Light, which lights up any surface you want to shine this holiday season .… Read more

Oct 212016
Brick Loot LEGO Subscription Box - A Great Holiday Gift Idea

All four of our kids are big on creative building, and they love their LEGOS. However our ten-year-old son has taken LEGO building to a different level, attending LEGO club at the library and creating masterpieces in his bedroom. This is why I was excited to give Brick Loot a try, because anything that enc0urages creativity and logical thinking is a big bonus in my opinion.… Read more

Aug 182016
Endgame Movie Review & Giveaway (3 Winners!)

For our most recent movie night, we watched Endgame with our four kids, and it was a movie that impressed. Rico Rodriguez (Modern Family) was superb as José, a young Texan boy, who finds himself pulled down by living in his older brother’s shadow. Endgame is a fictional story based on true events that depicts how an impoverished high school in the border town of Brownsville, Texas, started a chess team and went on to become state champions.… Read more

Jul 062016
MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle Review & Giveaway

Here in South Florida we rarely leave the house without our water bottles, but while I seek out BPA free products, drinking out of plastic bottles still makes me hesitant. This is why I was excited to get a chance to give the MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle a try. I am quite particular about how I take my ice water, and I prefer glasses instead of plastic cups, which is anther reasons why I simply love the MIU COLOR glass bottle.… Read more

Jun 282016
Mellanni Waterproof Mattress Protector Review & Giveaway (3 Winners!)

A good mattress protector can save a mattress, and with the amount of money you invest in a good mattress, it is certainly important to protect that investment. We recently got a chance to give the Mellanni Supreme Mattress Protector a try, and it works great plus it comes at an affordable price.… Read more

Jun 072016
Why We Love +  Start The Summer Off With A Free Month

Our youngest daughter is eager to start school, but she is only three years old, and she is a a year out from starting pre k, so she is stuck at home with me for a while. She is absolutely ready though, because she has been using for a year, starting when she was two, and it is amazing the amount of skills that she has already learned from this online educational program.… Read more

May 232016
Make Your Entrance Welcoming with Artificial Topiaries From HedgeScapes

Bougainvillea silk flowers

I’ve been trying to spruce up our front door for years, but our home is under an enormous tree, which is great for the energy bill, but all the shade makes it difficult to get some colorful flowers growing. So, to brighten up our front door area I decided to give artificial topiary a try . We already have a beautiful silk bougainvillea hanging planter inside brightening up a corner of the kitchen, so I went for a bougainvillea topiary for the outdoors too.… Read more

May 102016
Cush Comfort Cushion Review - Great Relief For Writers & Office Workers

cush comfort

As a writer I spend a lot of time sitting, and the older I get, the more I feel it. Besides lower back pain, I also deal with neck stiffness and severe headaches that stem from an old sports injury which is then amplified by all of the sitting. Many things can bring on the headaches, and it can be something as subtle as sitting wrong or looking up in the wrong way. … Read more

Mar 262016
1byone Portable Record Player Review & Giveaway

1byone record player

With the cd player going out of fashion, our family has been adjusting to the advent of MP3 players, but we still miss the nostalgic feeling of playing music on our stereo. The 1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Portable Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers is just what we needed, because it takes us back, whenever we are in search of a little nostalgia.… Read more

Feb 232016
The Movie SNOWTIME! Is Now Playing In Select Theaters

snowtime movie

If your kids are dreaming of snowball fights and building snow forts, they will surely enjoy the new animated movie SNOWTIME! from Shout!Factory Films, which is now playing at select theaters. SNOWTIME! follows the kids in a small village, as they try to keep themselves entertained over the winter break. The kids divide themselves into opposing teams with Luke and Sophie as team leaders, and the team that occupies the village snow fort at the end of winter break wins the snow fight.… Read more