Dec 162016
Free Food, Awesome Cereal Deals and More & Publix - We Saved $97!

It’s cereal bonanza at Publix! And it’s the perfect timing too, because the kids get off for Christmas break next week, and with four kids in the house they go through a lot of cereal … plus we’re having two boys come to visit for a few days too .. so now there should be something for every taste. We still have lots of General Mills Chocolate Halloween cereal left from the 70% off Halloween sale at Target, but I think it was time that we mixed it up a bit.… Read more

Nov 112016
Publix Thanksgiving Deals - Edwards Pies $2.85, Kelloggs Cereal $0.25 & More

The Publix Thanksgiving deals have begun, and this week we stocked up on pies. A few weeks ago there were a blinkie machine by the Edwards pies, and I knew they would go on sale around Thanksgiving, so I grabbed a few coupons. I used to go all out on Thanksgiving, baking , coking and so forth, but our kids wanted apple pie and pecan pie for the sake of Thanksgiving, yet their slices were left barely touched.… Read more

Oct 132016
Free Ice Cream at Publix, Cover Girl Money Maker & More - Saved $89!

A few weeks ago I won a free Carvel coupon at I Heart Publix. The coupon arrived just in time for my husband’s birthday celebration, and so yesterday I went to pick it up together with a few other post-hurricane deals, since I had not shopped last week’s ad. I also picked up some candy for my husband’s students, and a birthday steak.… Read more

Sep 302016
Publix Juice Sale - 1 Gallon $3.49 + Free Dressing

We stopped by Publix yesterday morning while we were out running errands on the bike. After weeks of paying full price for orange juice, I was delighted to see that the Publix orange juice was finally on sale. I quickly realized that there was no pint in doing grocery shopping on the bike, and so I returned after my husband came home for work, and I made sure to stock up for the next couple of weeks.… Read more

Sep 232016
Free Food at Publix & Money Maker

I already went to Publix earlier this week, so I had to keep my Publix total for this week’s ad down to a minimum. This week there are some great deals at Publix, and I even got free food at Publix which is always a good thing. I also got candy for movie night, and I used a free credit to get a free Redbox movie too.… Read more

Sep 202016
Publix Cereal Bargain - Lots of FREE Cereal!

After a fun family hour at the local library, Bellamy Blue and I headed to Publix to pick up a great Publix cereal deal. I was a bit unsure of how to do this  GM cereal deal correctly, so I made sure to stop by the Publix customer service first, and I also got help from another Publix customer. I am still sitting here and trying to figure this deal out, and I’m still confused.… Read more

Sep 092016
Free Rotisserie Chicken at Publix - Saved $66

I’ll admit it, I love it when I don’t have t cook, and it sure doesn’t happen often. This week Publix has a Free Rotisserie Chicken deal, when yu buy 3 select products. We’re pretty stocked up on beauty products and such, but now that we have a dishwasher I figured I’d get some dish detergent tablets. When I discovered $1 Cascade coupons on some of the pouches I decided to stock up and double up on free chicken.… Read more

Aug 192016
Barilla Tomato Sauce $0.63 at Publix - Saved $30!

Publix has another great week with lots of deals, and so I went over budget once again. Still, there were good deals to be had, and I’m just trying to keep up with the three growing boys. My middle son is going to be especially thrilled to see that I got him more gel.

We also picked up a free movie from Redbox for the boys to watch tonight.… Read more

Aug 122016
Publix Meat Coupon - Finally Some Coupon Savings

We didn’t spend enough money on groceries this week – silent sarcasm – so I decided to get back on track with this week’s new Publix deals. Really what happened was that we received a $2 off $10 Publix meat coupon from the local paper, but it expires tomorrow, and I refuse to waste a rare meat coupon which is why I made a second Publix trip.… Read more