Aug 072016
Publix Shopping - Spent A Lot  - Saved A Little!

With six people in the family, we go through a lot of groceries. And with all four kids home from school, we go through a whole lot more. We’re far from settled in at our new place, but we have a full-sized fridge and the range is working again, so little by little I’m trying to replenish our groceries. It is expensive, and with me being out of the coupon loop, it is even worse.… Read more

Jul 082016
Back to Nature Cookies $0.50 @ Publix

Our middle son needed a hair cut this morning – before our coupon expired. And so, I dragged all four kids with me to the hair salon, then to Target, to Publix and finally to play at the playground, which thankfully had a little shade.

We did not need much at Publix, and I had no desire to do a lot of shopping with four kids in tow, so I just picked up a couple of deals.… Read more

Jun 302016
Publix Coca Cola Sale - Saved $32!

I’ve been saving a free Coca Cola coupon from for a few months, and we still had plenty of soda left from the last time we found a great deal. Still, this is the first time in a long while that Publix had had Coca Cola on B2G2 sale instead of B3G1 sale, and so it was the perfect time to use the coupon.… Read more

Jun 242016
Publix Family Meal Coupon - Saved $17!

It has been an insanely stressful week for us here in the Frugality Is Free family, and so I decided to splurge a little and pick up a Publix meal for the guys, so that I did not have to cook meat tonight. The kids like it, when I roast the chicken, but as a vegetarian I’ll admit that I detest having to deal with the insides of a whole chicken, plus it takes a long time to prepare and cook it.… Read more

Jun 172016
Publix Money Maker - Free Vlassic & More

We did not need much at Publix this week, so we just went to pick up a few of the deals. Our middle son has been requesting dill pickles for a while, so this week I handed him the Vlassic coupons, and he went in with me to buy two jars of Vlassic dill pickles for free, it sure doesn’t get better than that.… Read more

Jun 092016
Publix Summer Deals - Money Maker & Treats

Today is our sons’ last school day before summer vacation, and so I picked up a few treats so we can celebrate tonight. I was especially excited to see that Publix orange juice was on sale again, as we go through plenty in our family of six. Usually we pick up two gallons a t the beginning of the weekly ad cycle, and two gallons at the end of it, which carries us through to the next time the orange juice go on sale.… Read more

Jun 032016
Publix Energizer Battery Deal

I didn’t find much in this week’s Publix ad, but I did stop by to pick up rechargeable batteries and garbage bags. It was not the most exciting shopping trip, but if your are looking for batteries, this is the week to stock up. The Energizer rechargeable batteries hold up really well,  and I would rather shell out a little more to begin with and prevent having to throw away batteries.… Read more

May 202016
Publix Orange Juice Sale

Publix orange juice sale

We did not have much on our Publix grocery list this week, but we cannot go without Publix orange juice, and I was thrilled to see that these were on sale.  I also picked up beef and ice cream, but we’re trying to clean out our pantry, so we passed on all of the BOGO deals. We pick up the majority of our produce at ALDI, so that saves us a lot of money every week.… Read more

May 122016
Ore-Ida Potatoes $1.12 @ Publix and More

Publix smart ones sale

We’ve been crazy busy lately, so I decided to stock up on some easy foods for those days, where dinner cannot be made from scratch. it might not have been the healthiest grocery trip, but I could ease my conscience a little by shaving shopped for greens at ALDI yesterday.

Publix BOGO Deals:

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