Dec 212010
Science For Girls - The Spa Lab from SmartLab Review and Giveaway
Smart Lab All Natural Spa LabScience is not just for boys, and SmartLab is a toy company, which understands that girls need fun science projects just for them. The Spa Lab from SmartLab is a fun, educational kit that has everything a curious girl needs to treat herself and her friends with great homemade spa products. The best part is that the Spa Lab makes science for girls so much fun that they do not even realize they are doing science.… Read more
Dec 162010
The Squishy Human Body from SmartLab Review & Giveaway
In my experience the easiest way to teach children, is by providing them with fun hands-on experiences, that make the newly acquired knowledge stick. SmartLab is a toy company that understands this, and the Squishy Human Body from SmartLab is a great educational hands-on experience for any child.
My three boys are extremely curious, and I believe in encouraging their curiosity through new experiences, books and educational toys.The Squishy Human Body from SmartLab is a great tool in teaching my children about the human body, and I love that it is geared towards children ages 8 and up.… Read more
Nov 302010
Stars and Planets from SmartLab Review & Giveaway


With three boys in the house the solar system is often the topic of conversation, the books we read and the television we watch, and our visit to the Kennedy Space Center is something my oldest son often talk about. I do everything I can to encourage my children to learn more about the topics that interest them, and as a result motherhood has taught me more about the solar system than school ever did.

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