Jun 012017
Get A Free Book at the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Every year our children start off the summer with a visit to Barnes & Noble to participate in the Barnes & Noble summer reading program. They hand in their completed reading logs, and then they pick out a free book. It is such a great way to start off the summer reading, and the program gets the kids excited about reading.… Read more

Jun 102012
Find Your Summer Reading Program 2012

There are many free summer reading programs available for kids this summer, and while the rewards vary, the goal is the same. Getting kids to read is great, and getting them to read without rewards is even better. However, sometimes reading rewards serve as a great incentive, and your kids will likely read a little more than they otherwise would have, if they are rewarded for their efforts. … Read more

Aug 112010
Rewards From Summer Reading Programs

At my house we have studying and reading rewards,but this summer I also signed the boys up for summer reading programs, and my sons are now reaping the rewards.

  • We made our own reading list and the boys will get 10 cents per book, and they can choose to buy a bunch of books at the thrift store or one or two new books at the bookstore. 
  • We signed up at the local library’s summer reading program
  • We did the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program.
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