Aug 012013
Target Swimsuit Clearance - Toy Sale Update & More

Target Clearance

I was hoping to find Target toy clearance at 70 percent off this morning, but once again I had no luck. At this point I am tempted to head to Target every day until the Target toy clearance hits the 70 percent off mark, because it is now more than a week overdue. I still think the Target toy clearance 70 percent off markdown will happen on a Thursday, but at this point I’m simply puzzled by the delay.… Read more

Jul 302013
HOT Target Baby Clearance 50 Percent Off - Great Deals on Baby Trend, Graco Car Seats, Strollers & More

Target Baby Clearance


If you have a little one in the house, are expecting, or perhaps you have a baby shower coming up, then it is time to make a stop at your local Target store. Target baby clearance has now moved to 50 percent off in many stores, which means that you can find some fabulous deals on baby products.

With Target baby clearance, you can be lucky and find items at 75 percent off, but if there is something you really need such as a stroller or car seat, I highly advise to purchase it at 50 percent off, as these items rarely make it to 70 percent off.… Read more

Mar 132013
Target Kids Clothes Clearance 70 Percent Off - Saved $114!

Target Baby Clearance

I am loving the Target baby clearance sale, which seem to still be spitting out great deals on baby and toddler clothing. I made a quick stop at Target for baby wipes, and I was thrilled to discover that several new items had been marked down to $1.50.


First Target Baby Clearance Deals:

3 x Circo Baby/Toddler T shirts on Target clearance sale at $1.50 each (Were $5 each)

6 x Circo Baby/Toddler Leggings on Target clearance sale at $1.50 each (Were $5 each)

Circo Khaki pants on Target clearance sale at $1.50 each (Was $5)

Cherokee 3 pack boys boxer briefts on Target clearance sale at $3.48 (Was $6.99)

Up & Up Baby Wipes at $4.99 – $1 off $3+ Up & Up coupon = $3.99


Tax $1.34

Total out of pocket $23.81

Total saved $41.89


Today I visited a second Target store, and I lucked out big time.… Read more

Mar 082013
70 Percent Off Target Baby Clearance + $5 Circo Coupon


Target Baby Clearance

Today was Baby Bellamy’s first shopping trip, and I did my best to prepare for the trip before hand. I fed her right before we headed out the door, we brought our big stroller, and I had the new Hotslings baby sling with me just in case the baby got fuzzy (you can win your own Hotsling baby sling right here at Frugality Is Free).… Read more

Feb 032013
70 Percent Off Target Baby Clearance - Saved $45!

Target baby clearance

After the mall, the kids and I made a quick stop at Target. I have been finding some great Target baby clearance deals at our regular Target stores, so I wanted to make sure to check out the one by the mall to see, if they had some great deals too. I lucked out big time, as I found a crib bumper on clearance, and cute Zutano dresses.… Read more

Jan 012013
Target Baby Clearance 2013: Graco, Eddie Bauer, Baby Trend & More

The Target Baby Clearance 2013 is well under way, and in the coming weeks you will be able to find baby deals at up to 75 percent off. A few weeks ago we found a baby mattress at 80 percent off, and if you are looking for something specific such as car seats, baby baths, high chairs, strollers etc., definitely keep an eye on your local Target’s clearance selection this month.… Read more

Dec 292012
70 Percent Off Christmas Target Dollar Spot Clearance

70 percent off Target Christmas Clearance Dollar Spot

I was hoping to find 70 percent off Christmas Clearance at Target today, but I went to a Super Target that I rarely go to, and everything was still 50 pecent off. I sure hope my local Target did not go to 70 percent off Christmas clearance today, but I have the feeling that lots of Target stores across the country has made the move already.… Read more

Dec 192012
Target Baby Swimsuit Clearance Sale - 70 Percent Off

Target Baby Swimsuit Clearance

I have been watching the Target baby swimsuit clearance sale for weeks now, and I actually did purchase one swimsuit for my baby girl, when the sale hit 50 percent off and I had a coupon.

Today, I finally found the baby swimsuit clearance marked down to 70 percent off, so I picked up a couple of swimsuits for the summer and one for when she gets older.… Read more

Nov 282012
Target Baby Clearance: Crib Mattress 75 Percent Off - Only $22!

ComfortSafe Cotton Ultra Munchkin Dual Sided Baby and Toddler Mattress

One of the only big purchases that we needed to make before the arrival of our baby girl was a new crib mattress, as our boys old mattress needed to be replaced. This means that I have been searching for the right deal ever since we found out that we were expecting, and yesterday I found it. One of the three Targets that I clearance stalk has had three different crib mattress marked down for a few months.… Read more

Nov 262012
Target Baby Clearance 70 Percent Off - Saved $32

Target Baby Clearance

I wanted to pick up cheap Domino’s sugar at Target before the deal expires, and of course I had to check out the Target baby clearance section, now that we know we are expecting a baby girl in the beginning of the new year. I was thrilled to see that a few of the items I had been looking at for weeks finally had gone to 70 percent off.… Read more