Sep 092014
70 Percent Off Target Back To School Clearance - Notebooks $0.07

After a trip to the gym, my little one and I walked to Target to check out the Target back to school clearance sale. We’ve picked up some good deals over the past couple of weeks, but we’ve not had much luck finding wide-ruled notebooks on clearance. Every year, I buy a big stack of the notebooks on clearance, and between the three school-aged kids, we are usually through the pile by the end of the year.… Read more

Sep 052014
70 percent off Target Dollar Spot Clearance + 20 Percent Off Cartwheel Discount = $0.24!

70 percent off Target Dollar Spot Clearance

This morning I made a trip to ALDI, and since there is a Target store right next to it, we checked out the Target back-to-school clearance.  We did not find the deals to be as good as yesterday’s Target back-to-school clearance finds, but we did find  70 percent off  Target Dollar Spot clearance.


70 percent off Target Dollar Spot Clearance:

10 x Notebooks on clearance at $0.12 each – $1.20 ($0.12 each)

Shark dive sticks on clearance at $2.48

4 x Flash Cards at 70 percent off Target Dollar Spot Clearance at $0.30 each = $1.20 – (20 percent off Target Dollar Spot – limit 4) = $0.96 ($0.24 each)

4 x 8 packs of Dr.Read more

Sep 042014
Target Back-To-School Clearance Deals- Printer Paper Only $1.57!!!

Target Deals

I was eager to get to Target to see, if I could find any great back-to-school clearance deals. The 70 percent off price drop has not happened yet, but I am expecting it to happen soon. I did found some great deals though, including a fe w freebies. We usually buy backpacks at 70 percent off, and last year we bought our youngest son’s backpack for kindergarten this way.… Read more

Sep 202013
70 Percent Off Target Back-To-School Clearance


 70 percent off Target Back-To-School Clearance

I was excited to find the 70 percent off Target back-to-school clearance signs at Target today, since I will be shopping for school supplies for three kids next year. The Target backpack clearance is still at 50 percent off, and I surely hope I’ll be there, when it gets to 70 percent off as well. My youngest son is starting kindergarten next year, and I want to be able to (afford to) let him choose his very favorite backpack, and I simply cannot do that at full price.… Read more

Sep 132012
70 Percent Off Target Clearance - Saved $112

So, I have posted about some of my favorite Target clearance finds today, but I also need to post about what  I actually bought. I spent a lot of money today, but it was for purchases that I had been waiting for, so I saved a lot of money, and I even got three gifts too.

Target back-to-school clearance

Last week my oldest son came home from school with a broken backpack….a very expensive broken backpack.… Read more

Sep 132012
Target Back To School Clearance 70 Percent Off Sale - It's Here!!!

Target Back To School Clearance 70 Percent Off

I was counting on today being the day that the Target Back To School Clearance would go to 70 percent off, and I was right. I made it to Target around 9 AM, and the entire back-to-school section had been marked to 70 percent off clearance.

Target Back To School Clearance 70 Percent Off

I will make a detailed post about my own Target back-to-school clearance purchases in a bit, but I just wanted to let everyone know that it  is time to head to Target.… Read more

Sep 052012
Target Back-To-School Clearance - Notebooks $0.16 Each

Target back-to-school clearance

The Target Back-To-School clearance sale is well under way, and while the actually percentage may vary, this is definitely the week to stock up on the last school supplies. At my local South Florida Target store most of the back-to-school clearance was still at 50 percent off, but there were a few things at 75 percent off already. The notebooks above where the only ones that I found at 16 cents, the marble notebooks were $0.38, so I decided to skip them.… Read more