Feb 182011
My Target Shopping Trip: Valentine's Day Clearance Only

I did not buy much at Target this week, but I am thinking about going back later this week to see if the clearance goes to 75 percent. My boys got to pick out their Valentines for next year, as they have a better selection at Target than at the dollar store. My middle son is all about Lightning McQueen from Cars, so he was very excited to be able to get his hands on these, and my oldest son loves basketball.… Read more

Jan 212011
Target Clearance and Sale Deals - Saved $46

I went to three different Target stores this week, and since there were no deals on lactose free milk or soy milk at Publix this week, Target with coupons was the best alternative. It sure is expensive to have four lactose intolerant members of our family of five.

Boys Boxershorts $1

Toddler Boys Shoes $4.98 was $19.99
2 Piece Set Air Bake Ultra $5.18

Silk Milk $1.79 each after sale and coupons

Target Shopping:

Silk Milk onn sale at $2.79 – $1 MF = $1.79
Silk Milk onn sale at $2.79 – $1 MF = $1.79
6 x MP Orange Juice on sale at $1.99  = $11.94
2 x 2.5 lb chicken on sale at $5.84 + $5.94 =  11.78 – $3 TC = $8.78 ($4.39 or $1.76/lb)
2 x Lactaid milk on sale at $3.29 = $6.58 – 2 x $1 MF = $4.68 ($2.29 each)
Set of 2 boxershorts on sale at $1
Air Bake Ultra 2 Piece Cookie Sheets on clearance at Target at $5.18 (Was $20.79)
Toddler Boys Shoes $4.98 (was $19.99)

Total out of pocket $40.16

Total saved  $46.23

See what other fabulous Target Clearance finds I discovered at my South Florida Target Stores.… Read more