Jan 192017
70 Percent Off Target Toy Sale Update

Today was the day that I counted on to be the big day for the Target toy clearance sale, and it did seem that more toys had gone to 70 percent off, but it was quite a disappointment in my book. Apparently last week was the big day, although I was there early last week and did not see much.

First of all, we did not arrive as early as normally.… Read more

Jan 122017
Target Toy Clearance Has Begun + Great Target Cartwheel Deals

Bellamy Blue and I headed to Target today to get a good deal on one of her favorite cereals – the  Mini Wheats Little Bites. There is a great $5 movie concessions cash offer, when you buy 3. Find similar deals on Kelloggs Krave and Kelloggs Frosted Flakes with these kelloggs coupons or  coupons and Kelloggs Cartwheel discounts. I also picked up a couple of green cleaning products and some cheap bandages, because after Christmas break our First Aid kits need restocking.… Read more

Dec 072016
Hot $10 off $10 Target Coupon - Free Teacher's Gifts & More

I received a $10 off $10 Target coupon in my inbox the other day, and it came just in time for buying teacher’s gifts. Look in your inbox for an email titled “Surprise! Coupon for $10 off holiday decorations inside” from (targetnews@e.target.com).

My coupon froze down the register, so the manager had to take me to another register and put it in manually, just in case you are having problems with the coupon.… Read more

Nov 062016
90% off Target Halloween Clearance – Saved $118!

Teachers, parents, bargain shoppers and all deal lovers run, run, run! The 90% off Target Halloween clearance sale is here!

I’m going to share all of our fantastic deals, but don’t hesitate, the go0dies will soon be gone. Our local North East Florida Target store had about two aisles full of great Halloween clearance deals including 90% off Target Halloween goods and 70% off food and candy.… Read more

Nov 032016
70% Off Target Halloween Clearance + 50% Off Jansport Backpacks

The Target Halloween clearance is on, and there are some great deals to be found on snacks and candy with 70% off Halloween goods and 50% off foods and candy. This year we are still in the midst of renovation, so to the kids’ disappointment the Halloween decorations stayed in their bin. I therefore bypassed all the decor, while I did pick up a box of cheap cereal and some cheap snacks for the kids to bring to school.… Read more

Oct 262016
Target Ground Beef  Sale- $2.19/Lb + $0.58 Cat & Jack Gloves

Target has a great ground beef sale this week, and it came just in time as ‘I had used the last in our freezer. They also have a great deal on outerwear this week, and since I’ve been looking for gloves for my husband’s prize box for his class, I stocked up at a great prize. Instead of paying $1 per set of gloves, I paid $0.58, and for $7 I got enough gloves for twelve of his students.… Read more

Oct 042016
Target Underwear, Tights & Sock Clearance - As Low As $1.48!

We were headed for ALDI on the bike this morning, but we made it there in good time, and had thirty minutes to spare before it opened – so we stopped at Target. I really only went to get some cheap gum for my husband, but browsing the Target clearance often turns out to be a great idea. Today I found cheap socks for Bellamy Blue, and I found tights as low as $1.48, which is a great price.… Read more

Sep 292016
$0.68 Toothbrushes, $2.22/lb Ground Beef & More at Target

While we have a big family, we  only have a small freezer on top of our fridge, so it is difficult to stock up , and it is easy to run out. This week I realized that we had run out of ground beef, and so a hopeful Target visit was needed.  I did not find any Target meat coupons, but Target has two amazing Target Cartwheel meat discounts, and I made sure to take advantage.… Read more

Sep 142016
90 Percent off Target Back To School Clearance

Last week I got a few school supply deals at Target at 50 percent off, because I wasn’t sure that the there would be much left at the Target Back To School clearance once it made it to 70 percent off.

I did make a stop at Target today to check though, and I lucked out. There were signage for 50 – 90 percent off Target clearance in the back to school section.… Read more