Jul 162014
90 Percent Off Target Summer Clearance

90 percent off Target Summer Clearance

We picked up some great deals at the 70 percent off Target summer clearance sale, but today we made a quick stop at Target after spending the morning at the gym and the pool and the we found 90 percent off Target summer clearance sale. There was not much left, but we picked up enough lacrosse sticks for the kids to play with their friends at only $0.79 a stick.… Read more

Sep 022011
Target Summer Clearance 50 Percent Off Water Toys
I have been waiting for the Target Summer Clearance to finally take off, and since it was 30 percent off last week, I knew that there were a great chance that Target would increase their summer clearance to 50 percent off Thursday morning. Sure enough, when we got to the store around 10:30 a.m., the Target clearance lady was out with her clearance gun.… Read more