Oct 122010
The Custom Motorcycle Design Studio from Art Lab Review and Giveaway

I have two very creative sons, and lately they have taken over my refrigerator. While my tween son has spent countless hours working with his new Custom Motorcycle Design Studio, his four-year-old brother finally got permission to use his older brother’s Car Design Studio.  The Custom Motorcycle Design Studio is one of the newest products from ArtLab, the creative brand from SmartLab.… Read more

Sep 212010
The Secret Science Team Science Kit Review & Giveaway

My oldest son recently turned eight, and turning eight certainly comes with a lot of changes. My son has now entered his tween years, and his tween birthday wishes were quite different from last year. My son wished for a helicopter and science stuff. All summer he has been doing countless science experiments in the kitchen, and during the first weeks of school he walked around with an old book about science experiments in the hope that his teachers would want to do science experiments in class.Read more
Aug 272010
Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course Complete Review & Giveaway

Kid's Guitar Course Complete (Book, Enhanced CD & DVD) (Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course)My oldest son saved up all of the money that he had earned throughout the school year for good results, and at the end of the year he got to buy whatever he wanted with his hard earned savings. I took him to Target and I clearly expected him to bring home a big remote control car or something similar, but my son surprised me big time.Read more

Aug 242010
Blast Off Rocket Racer from SmartLab Review & Giveaway

Combine speed, science and a few kitchen staples with SmartLab, and you get the Blast Off Rocket Racer. The Blast Off Rocket Racer is fueled by vinegar and baking soda, and it is an educational toy that will amaze both young and old, as it takes off with a bang and it is the perfect gift for tween boys.

My boys have been spending many of their last evenings of summer vacation by shooting off their Blast Off Rocket Racer, and seeing it blast off down the street just never seems to get dull.… Read more

Aug 182010
Car Design Studio from SmartLab Review & Giveaway

My oldest son loves drawing, and I am always excited to see his newest creations. Lately he has been transforming our kitchen into an art studio, as he has been drawing with his awesome new Car Design Studio from ArtLab, the creative brand from SmartLab.

The Car Design Studio consists of a light table, traceable acetate outlines and add-on clings, which help my son customize the car just the way he wants it.… Read more

Aug 052010
The Legends Of Magic set from HearthSong Review & Giveaway

Finding the right gift for a tween boy can be difficult, but when I discovered the Legends of Magic set from HearthSong, I knew that I had found the perfect gift for my son.

My oldest son has been all about magic this summer, he even took out a huge stack of magic books from the library, and one of them included make-it-yourself projects.… Read more
Aug 052010
The Best Gifts for Tween Boys Review & Giveaway Series


Finding gifts for tween boys can be difficult, but finding gifts for tween boys that do not include the latest gadgets, video games, video game consoles etc. can be even harder. The Best Gifts for Tween Boys Review & Giveaway series will consist of some of the best products to help your tween boy explore and be engaged in the world around him.… Read more