Oct 152015
HOT Walmart Deal: Lifetime Basketball Hoop Sale $29! (reg. $89.99)

Lifetime Basketball hoop

It is not often that we post hot deals without shopping trips, but this Walmart deal is just to hot not to share. Right now you can get a Lifetime Basketball Hoop for only $29! Yes, that’s a real outdoor basketball hoop.  This would make one fantastic Christmas gift.


Original price $89.99

Sale price $29.90

Save $60.99


How To Get The Best Deal:

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Aug 272014
$0.75 Evenflo Coupon - Evenflo Triple-Flo Tumbers only $1.22 at Walmart

evenflo coupon

There is a hot new $0.75 Evenflo coupon out, which makes the new Evenflo Triple-Flo tumblers only $1.22 at Walmart.

The Evenflo Triple-Flo Tumbers (read our Evenflo triple-flo review here) retails for $1.97 at Walmart, and after the Evenflo coupon, it is definitely time to stock up.

Get your Evenflo coupons here, just click the baby category to find the coupon quickly.… Read more

Dec 102013
Walmart Price Matching on Produce - Saved $8.43

 Walmart price matching on produce

I will admit although  I used to be very anti Walmart, and everything that Walmart stood for. In fact, Walmart did not get me in their stores, until after they began price matching. Price matching itself did not really do it though, it was the fact that I could price match on produce. See, we have a lot of great little stores in our area, but with only one car in the family, there is no way that I can be driving around to all of them.… Read more

Sep 062013
Walmart Price Matching on Produce = 50 Percent Off

Walmart Price Match

My favorite way to cut cost on produce for the family (besides shopping at ALDI) is doing Walmart Price Matching. Our local Walmart is great at price matching, and it is such a treat to not have to deal with any hassle. Usually I just have the prices written down on a piece of paper, as I scan the online ads, but this time I actually had the ads with me.… Read more

May 082013
Walmart Price Matching On Groceries

walmart price matching

I started out the day at Walmart, where I did a few price matching deals. I was hoping to get more fresh produce, but the truck had not come in, and the store was out of a lot of produce. I usually buy baking powder and cocoa powder at ALDI, but they have not had any in quite a while, so I knew that Walmart had the second best prices on these products.… Read more

Feb 142013
Walmart Price Matching: Fruit & Vegetables


Walmart produce

I have not been to Walmart in a long while, but since I had to go that way yesterday, I decided to price match a few produce items.


Walmart Price Matching:

3.69 lbs of bananas @ $0.59/lb = $2.81 – (Walmart Price Matching with Bravo Wednesday Deal only @ $0.39/lb) = $1.44

3 cucumbers @ $0.78 each = $2.34 – (Walmart Price Matching with Doris Italian Market  at 3 for $1) = $1 ($0.33 each)

1.65 lbs of Plums at $2.68/lb = $4.42 – (Walmart Price Matching with Sedanos at $1.69/lb) = $2.79

0.61 lbs of green beans at $1.96/lb = $1.20 (Walmart Price Matching with Doris Italian Market at $0.89/lb) = $0.54

Total out of pocket $5.77

Total saved $5


What was the last thing you price matched at Walmart?… Read more

Oct 252012
Walmart Price Matching on Produce - Saved $17.02

Walmart Price Match

One of the ways that I am able to splurge on produce for my familyis through price matching at Walmart, and this week I was able to pick up expensive produce such as eggplant and butternut squash for a lot less than I regularly pay.


My Walmart Price Matching Deals:

6 x Farm Rich Snacks @ $2.17 each = $13.02 – (2 x $3/2 Farm Rich coupons (use zip 90210, 30303, 63115, 85254 and 14760)) = $4.02 ($0.67 each)

1 Gallon Milk $3.48 – (Price Match w/ Western Beef wyb $10+ @ $0.99) = $0.99

1.05 lbs Eggplant at $1.44/lb = $1.51– (Price Match w/ Sedanos @ $0.79/lb) = $0.83

3.15 lbs Butternut Squash at   $0.98/lb = $3.15 – (Price Match w/ Sedanos @ $0.89/lb) = $2.80

4 x Cucumbers @ $0.78 = $3.12 – (Price Match w/Sedanos @ 4 for $0.99) = $0.99 ($0.25 each)

5 x Lemons @ $0.54 each = $2.70 – (Price Matching with Penn Dutch @ 5 for $0.99) = $0.99 ($0.20 each)

Lettuce $1.35 – (Price Matching with Doris @ $0.69 = $0.69

Total out of pocket $11.31

Total saved $17.02


How do you stretch you family’s produce budget?Read more

Oct 102012
Walmart Price Matching On Veggies & More - Saved $21!

Walmart Price Matching

After a week with no ALDI or Walmart shopping, my produce drawer and fruit bowl was in dire need of some produce. This is why I started the day at Walmart, and with me I had my price matching list from all the local grocery stores. Adding Walmart to my regular grocery shopping routine adds another mile to my walk, but the prices are so worth it.… Read more