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Jun 162011
The Final CVS Challenge Post - $426 Worth Of Products at CVS For $25
Fifteen weeks ago Cheryl from Simply CVS issued the CVS Gift Card Challenge. She provided me with a $25 CVS gift card and challenged me to see, just how far I could stretch the CVS gift card with the help of her CVS savings posts at Simply CVS.
15 weeks later I can honestly say that Cheryl is the CVS master, and she has taught me exactly how I too can stretch my money at CVS week after week and only pay around a dollar or two out of pocket every week.… Read more
Jun 162011
The CVS Gift Card Challenge - Week 15 - Spent $0.79 Saved $40.57 + $9.99 Extra Bucks Back

Today was my last week of the CVS Gift Card Challenge, as my gift card is basically empty. It has been 15 fantastic weeks, and the amount of products that I have received during this time is amazing. I could not have done it without Cheryl, and because of her CVS shopping skills and savings knowledge, I am left with lots of CVS Extra bucks that I can continue to roll over each week.Read more

Jun 072011
The CVS Gift Card Challenge - Week 14 - Spent $1.01 Saved $30.26 + $13 Extra Bucks Back

The CVS gift card challenge gift card is almost done, and I have the feeling that last week might be the last week that I can stretch the card.  Throughout this challenge it has always amazed me how much you can get free at CVS, and I have Cheryl from Simply CVS to thank for all of the great CVS freebie alerts.Read more

May 312011
The CVS Gift Card Challenge - Week 13 - Spent $1.40 Saved $39.28 + $8.99 Extra Bucks Back

It is way too hot in South Florida to be walking at the moment, but my five-year-old still has school, so there is simply no choice. We thought that he would be done after his graduation last Thursday, but apparently not. We still have two more weeks left of walking in steaming hot temperatures. This morning I got my husband to drop us off at the CVS close to my son’s school, which meant that we only had to walk a little more than a mile in the heat instead of 2 1/2 miles.Read more

May 242011
CVS Gift Card Challenge - Week 12 - Spent $0.36 Saved $17.15 + $0.99 Extra Bucks Back
There were not much that I wanted to get this week, but I did pick up $1 Purex detergent, as this is about the best price on detergent, if I cannot get it for free. I could not find the free Crystal Light single packs, which were mentioned on Simply CVS, and of course the CVS Green Bag Tag was not in stock either.Read more
May 172011
Summer Fun: CVS Gift Card Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Summer FunIn South Florida our mangoes are ripening, which means summer time has arrived, and now that my five-year-old finally got his cast off (after six weeks of no beach trips), we can finally enjoy our South Florida beaches. The Summer Fun Review & Giveaway Series here at Frugality Is Free is well underway, and today I am adding another special summer fun CVS giveaway.Read more

May 172011
CVS Gift Card Challenge - Week 11 - Spent $3.19 Saved $81.62 + $18 Extra Bucks Back
As mom of three there is never a dull moment, and this morning I ended up needing my husband’s help, as I could only be in one place at the time. My five-year-old was getting his cast off at 9:30 a.m., and my eight-year-old son woke up with pink eye.

My husband ended up taking our middle son to get his cast off, and he dropped me off at the doctor’s office with our two other sons.Read more
May 132011
CVS Gift Card Challenge - Week 10 - Spent $0.56 Saved $36.01
I did not think I would be able to make it to CVS this week, as the air quality has been bad due to wildfires, and I have not been able to go out, since the kids and I all suffer from asthma. In the end I did manage to swing into CVS, before I went to Publix, but there was not much I wanted or needed, and I had to roll over $2.74 Extra Bucks which were expiring.Read more
May 032011
Free at CVS: CVS Gift Card Challenge - Week 9 - Spent $0.72 Saved $24.62

I managed to swing by a CVS Pharmacy store on my very hot 4.5 mile walk today, and amazingly I managed to put together a CVS shopping scenario that would fit the $7.99 CVS bucks that I needed to roll over, and it included my favorite conditioner.

At the scanner I received a very rare $2 off $10 CVS coupon, and while I thought it could only be used on food product (this is what a cashier had told me in the past), this cashier scanned it just in case, and sure enough it took $2 off.

Read more
Apr 282011
CVS Gift Card Challenge - Week 8 - Spent $0.12 Saved $21.07
Last week I did not have any coupons that corresponded with the sales to make a great deal, so I ended up passing on CVS shopping for the week. This week I tried very hard to put a list together with the help from Simply CVS, but even Cheryl had a hard time finding any great deals. However, I had $7 CVS Extra Bucks that would expire on April 30th, and there was no way that I was going to waste them, so I had to find a way to roll them over. 
Last week I did run into CVS to pick up a prescription, and when I scanned my CVS card I got $1 CVS Extra Bucks from scanning my, so I added that to the $7 Extra Bucks to be able to roll them over.… Read more
Apr 212011
CVS Gift Card Giveaway Ends Tonight at 10 PM EST!
The CVS Gift Card Giveaway here at Frugality Is Free Ends Tonight! 
I started the giveaway, because I am participating in the CVS Gift Card Challenge started by Cheryl at Simply CVS. I am excited to say that I have still not spent the entire CVS gift card, so the challenge will continue. 


Make sure to get your entries in at the CVS gift card giveaway – It is amazing how much a small amount can be stretched at CVS Pharmacy.… Read more