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Nov 182010
Family Holiday Wish List: Tonka Strong Arm Fire Engine Review & Giveaway
Tonka Strong Arm Fire Engine
The Tonka Strong Arm Fire Engine

The Tonka Strong Arm Fire Engine has arrived in Florida, and my house is now filled up with laughter, happiness, sirens and sparks.

As a mother of three boys the holiday time always means stocking up on batteries, because once Christmas Eve comes around the batteries will be needed. The Tonka Strong Arm is changing this problem, because it does not need batteries.… Read more

Nov 172010
Tips From A Giveaway Insider: Win Your Holiday Gifts
PhotobucketCheryl from Simply CVS recently asked me to tell all of her readers about the great possibilities of blog giveaways, and I figured it would be great to share with all of you here at Frugality Is Free as well. As a giveaway host and a giveaway winner I personally know just how fantastic blog giveaways are, and entering blog giveaways has provided me with quite a few holiday gifts for my family this year.… Read more
Nov 162010
Family Holiday Wish List: Head Chefs Cooking Tools For Kids Review & Giveaway
head chefs cooking tools for kids
Our Head Chefs Family
As a mother of three boys I consider it my duty as a woman to teach them how to cook and bake. This means that they always help me out, whenever we are making something special in the kitchen, and they love it. Lately my kids have been even more eager to help me cook, because they have been using their cool new cooking tools for kids from Head Chefs.… Read more
Nov 102010
Family Holiday Wish List: 3 Nordic Ware Cake Pans Review & Giveaway


For my husband’s recent birthday the boys and I went all out. Instead of bringing home a store-bought cake, we baked them ourselves with our new Nordic Ware pro cast cake pans. These cake pans are fabulous, and the Nordic Ware cake pans will make great gifts for the holidays.
Our three fabulous cake pans from Nordic Ware gave cause to great joy at my house, as my three boys uncovered one fantastic Nordic Ware cake pan after another.… Read more
Nov 102010
The Family Holiday Wish List: The Family Music Starter Kit Review & Giveaway (Bill Harley, Oran Etkins, Jeremy Zmuda and Jim Cosgrove)


My children love music, but my fifteen-month-old son is especially facsinated with all kinds of music. He will get up on our coffee table and start dancing, and whenever he hears a great beat he automatically start rocking it out. My family listens to a lot of different music, and our collection spans all different musical genres. We recently got a bunch of new children’s cds at our house including The Best Candy in The Whole World by Bill Harley, Use Your Words by Jeremy Zmuda, Swimming in Noodles by Jim Cosgrove and Wake Up Clarinet by Oran Etkin.… Read more
Nov 012010
Holiday Gift Guide: The Family Holiday Wish List Review & Giveaway Series

It is time to announce the holiday gift guide here at Frugality is free: The Family Holiday Wish List Review and Giveaway Series. In this holiday gift guide I will feature gifts for everyone in the family, and hopefully I will be able to give a little inspiration to find some unique gifts for everyone you love.


The Family Holiday Wish List Review and Giveaway Series will include gifts from Zak Designs, Weleda, Nordic Ware, SmartLab, Headchefs and much much more.… Read more

Dec 162010
The Squishy Human Body from SmartLab Review & Giveaway
In my experience the easiest way to teach children, is by providing them with fun hands-on experiences, that make the newly acquired knowledge stick. SmartLab is a toy company that understands this, and the Squishy Human Body from SmartLab is a great educational hands-on experience for any child.
My three boys are extremely curious, and I believe in encouraging their curiosity through new experiences, books and educational toys.The Squishy Human Body from SmartLab is a great tool in teaching my children about the human body, and I love that it is geared towards children ages 8 and up.… Read more
Dec 102010
BabyBaby Skin Care Body Wash Review and BabyBaby Gift Certificate Giveaway

One of the things that frightens me as a mom is the unknown, because how can I protect my children if I do not know what the danger looks like? If I pick up a regular children’s shampoo, baby wash or lotion at the store, the ingredient list will be very lengthy, and most often it is like reading a different language.

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Dec 032010
Wow! You Saved How Much by Renita R. Perrone Review & Giveaway

Wow! You Saved How Much?: A Step-by-Step Money-Saving GuideWow! You Saved how Much? A Step-By Step Money Saving Guide by Renita R. Perrone is a great start guide to maximizing your savings at the grocery store. As a coupon clipping, clearance shopping frugal mom, I was not sure how much I would learn from reading Wow! You Saved How Much, but I will admit that Perrone gave me quite a few tips that I can use myself.… Read more

Nov 302010
Stars and Planets from SmartLab Review & Giveaway


With three boys in the house the solar system is often the topic of conversation, the books we read and the television we watch, and our visit to the Kennedy Space Center is something my oldest son often talk about. I do everything I can to encourage my children to learn more about the topics that interest them, and as a result motherhood has taught me more about the solar system than school ever did.

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Nov 282010
Sunglass Warehouse Review and Giveaway (Cheap Sunglasses, Great Quality)

cheap sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse

SW Rimless Style #1196 Silver Frame with Smoke Lenses

Living in the sunshine state means that I have a need for wearing sunglasses all year round, but I was having a difficult time finding some that I liked within my budget. That was until Sunglass Warehouse came to my rescue, when they sent me a new pair of sunglasses. Sunglass Warehouse has a great selection of cheap sunglasses, but while the price is cheap the quality is not.Read more

Nov 282010
Rock 'N Learn Money & Making Change Review & Giveaway

My sons and I recently had our very first yard sale, and it was a great opportunity to teach my kids a few lessons about money. To help me out a bit I used the Rock ‘N Learn Money & Making Change dvd, and my kids definitely thought Rock ‘N Learn was more interesting than I was. 

About Rock ‘N Learn
The Rock ‘N Learn dvds are cool educational dvds that uses music to teach children in a way that actually makes them remember what they have learned.… Read more