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Feb 092011
This Is Not A Bra From Warner's Review and Giveaway (5 Winners)
This Is Not A Bra from Warners
Choosing the right bra can be difficult, and finding the right balance between bra comfort, support and the right look can be even harder. Nevertheless, I think I might just have found the solution, as I recently tried on the most comfortable wire bra in my history of bra hunting. This Is Not A Bra from Warner’s is quite an improvement from the old wire bras, which are collecting dust in my drawer. 
As a mom on the go, comfort means a lot, but I do not want to run around in a sports bra all week just because I walk 2-6 miles every day.… Read more
Feb 012011
The Start Off Fresh Event: Dan-e Women's Natural Supplement Giveaway
As a stay-at-home/work-at-home, non-coffee drinking mom of three active boys, there just isn’t time enough in the day to keep up with all the duties of motherhood, the household, work, exercise and more. I’ll admit it, I’m exhausted! So, when I got a chance to try out the DAN-e supplement for women, I decided to give it a try. 
I have only been taking Dan-e for two weeks, and since my entire family has been sick, and I have managed to get bronchitis on top of it all, I really cannot speak to any changes from taking Dan-e. 

However, I have been feeling a bit more energized, than I usually would when I am sick, but whether it is due to taking Dan-e I simply cannot say.
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