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Apr 272012
$146 Worth of Groceries for $65 - Share Your Deals At The Weekly Savings Linky

The linky is up a little late this week, but it was not because I was out shopping. It was because I was cleaning! Yesterday I returned home from shopping to find a brand new Haan MS30 Steam Cleaner waiting for me, so today I have been trying it out, and I am loving it!

As for the shopping….I am under my grocery budget for the fourth week in a row…WOW!… Read more

Apr 202012
The Weekly Savings Linky - Saved $225 - Share Your Grocery Savings

This week I have been doing a lot of clerance shopping, which means that my non-grocery spending increased. Still, with a family of five there needs to be room in the budget for extra spendings on necessities and fun, and thanks to my frugal grocery budget the wiggle room is there. This is my third week in a row where I am below my grocery budget of $65 for a family of five, so I am thrilled about that.… Read more

Apr 132012
The Weekly Savings Linky - $120 Worth of Products For $51 - Under Budget Again!

It is Friday again, which means that it is time to look over my purchases for the past week to make sure that I stay within my budget for the year. This was my second week in a row, where I was under my grocery budget, but I have been over budget in other weeks, so it all adds up. Despite being under budget, our fridge and pantry are still filled to top capacity, although I was able to make room for rye bread in the freezer (even after buying chicken) this week.… Read more

Mar 232012
$287 Worth of Products For $89 - Link Up @ The Weekly Savings Linky

It is time for another round of the Weekly Savings Linky, where you can see how I am able to keep a frugal budget for my family. By shopping deals and shopping several stores, I am able to save more for my family of five. This week I went over my usual $60-$65 weekly grocery budget though, but that’s alright, because I have been below budget for a few weeks.… Read more

Mar 162012
Weekly Savings Linky $187 Worth of Products for $72 - Link Up At The Savings Linky

Welcome to the Weekly Savings Linky here at Frugality Is Free. This week has been very hectic for me, because between my kids being home on spring break and my own brave albeit a bit foolish attempt to switch Frugality Is Free to WordPress, well let’s just say that I have been a bit stressed out. I still got a little bit of shopping done, but it was mostly running in and out, while my husband and the kids were waiting in the car.… Read more

Mar 092012
$190 Worth of Products for $77 - Link Up At The Savings Linky
Welcome to the Weekly Savings Linky here at Frugal
 ity Is Free. This is where I collect all of my deals from the past week in one spot, so that you can see how my family of five is able to keep a frugal budget. My goal is to keep my family’s grocery budget below an average of $65 a week, and to do so I visit several stores each week to get the best prices on everything.Read more
Mar 092012
Publix Deals & Spring Break Savings - Saved $51
My sons are starting their spring break today, so I wanted to make sure that I was stocked up on orange juice, milk and bread, as they go through a lot of these items. Otherwise I am very well-stocked up on almost everything, and I definitely do not need any more cereal after the crazy February cereal month. 
My Publix Spring Break Shopping Trip
4 x Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners 16 oz on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.59 = $7.18- (2 x $2/2 Oscar Mayer Publix Coupons Yel Adv.) = $3.18 ($0.80 each
2 x Publix Orange Juice @3.99 each – $7.98
Publix Lemonade $2.99
2 x Arnold Health-Full Bread on BOGO sale at 2 for $4.29 
– (2 x $0.55 Healthful coupon) = $3.19 ($1.60 each

2 x Vlassic Pickles on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.89 
– (2 x $0.55 Vlassic Coupons – Hangtag) = $1.79 ($0.90 each)
4 x Smart Balance Spread on BOGO $3.59 = $7.18
– (2 x $1/2 Smart Balance coupon SS 3/4) =$3.18 ($0.80 each)
5 x Smart Balance Lactose Free Milk on sale at $2.50 each
 – (2 x $1 Smart Balance Coupons SS 4/18 and $3/3 Smart Balance IP NLA) = $7.50 ($1.50 each)
Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine, 20 ct, $4.99 
– $2 Alka Seltzer coupon =$2.99
Scotch Dish Wand Refill $1.99 
– $5 off $30 Publix coupon (Soccer booklet mailer)
Tax $0.32
Total out of pocket $32.31
Total saved $51.49
I also picked up three free movie rentals at the Blockbuster Kiosk.… Read more
Mar 022012
$346 Worth of Products for $90 - Link Up At The Savings Linky

I bought my son’s birthday gifts at the January Target toy clearance sale, so that is another cost I do not have to think about now.

You can see the details of my shopping trips by clicking on the titles or the images.

See my:
I spent $32.22 at Aldi 

I saved $10 at Aldi 

See my:
This week’s Publix Deals Trip
I spent $12.95 at Publix
I saved $52.47 at Publix

See my:
This week’s CVS Deals Trip
I spent $4.68 at CVS
I saved $47.19 at CVS
$7.79 CVS Extra Bucks Back

See my:
This week’s Target Deals Trip
I spent $12.42 at Target
I saved $20.68 at Target

This week’s Kohl’s Deals Trip
I spent $27.85 at Kohl’s
I saved $125.85 at Kohl’s

My Savings Totals

Groceries for a family of 5:
Total spent this week $62.27
Total saved this week $130.34
This week’s clothing and extra purchases:
Total spent this week $27.85
Total saved this week $125.85

Total Out of Pocket This week:
Total spent this week $90.12

Total saved this week $256.19


You can find lots of great printable coupons at my coupon database My Best Printable Coupons.… Read more
Feb 242012
$224 Worth of Products for $104 - Link Up At The Savings Linky

Our visitors have left, and I am now back to my regular shopping routine. I did spend extra this week though, as my middle son is turning six next week, and I have promised him a big party. Thankfully I have been shopping year round for the best party deals, so I do not have to dedicate a lot of money for the party.Read more

Feb 172012
$164 Worth of Products for $62 - Share Your Savings At The Weekly Savings Linky

This week I did not do much grocery shopping, as we are lucky to have visitors for two weeks. Instead of shopping, I have been spending a lot of time on the beach, which is the best kind of frugal fun. 

My pantry is completely filled up, and so is my freezer, my fridge and my extra storage space in the kitchen, so it has been easy to lay low this week.Read more