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Feb 052011
100 Postcards From Uprinting Giveaway
Postcards can be used for many things, and at you can get postcard printing with no hassle, as it is one of the leading online printing companies. The company offers convenience and will help you tailor their printing services to your needs whether you are a large company, a small business or an individual with special printing demands. 

Uprinting has offered one of Frugality Is Free’s readers 100 postcards, and I can come up with a myriad of uses for them.Read more

Aug 292011
EcoLunchBox Giveaway - Check Out the Green Trash Ninja Campaign
Eco Lunch Box
When I first saw the shiny eco friendly lunchbox from ECOlunchboxes, I was amazed. Not only is it practical, non-toxic and waste-free, but it is a beauty as well. 

The lunchboxes from ECOlunchboxes are made out of type 304 stainless steel, and it includes a 3/4 stainless steel cup with a BPA free lid.

As a mother I am very impressed with the 3 cup large oval ECOlunchbox “ECOlunchbox Oval”, because it is the perfect size for a kids lunch box.Read more
Aug 232011
Del Monte Teacher Monday - Del Monte Giveaway - Win $25 Worth of Del Monte Gift Certificates (3 Winners)
Yesterday was a big day in my family, as my five year old son started kindergarten. He has been waiting for this day to come for a long time, and it was one happy and proud boy that I picked up in the afternoon. It looks like both of my sons have gotten great teachers this year, and as most parents know good teachers can mean a world of difference in a child’s education.… Read more
Aug 182011
Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion with SPF 15 Review and Giveaway (US + CAN)
Having a body lotion that works great, and which also contains SPF is just what I need, since I am exposed to the South Florida sun everyday, and the Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion with SPF 15 is a great lotion that keeps my skin smooth and soft. 

Living in South Florida means that my family goes through many bottles of sunscreen every year, but sometimes I when I am rushing out the door, I end up going out without any sunscreen on. 

If I use the Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion with 15 SPF after the shower every day, at least I know I have a slight protection against the sun on the days, where I forget to apply regular sunscreen. 

The Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion with 15 SPF absorbs quickly into the skin, the silky consistency makes the shielding lotion application extremely easy, and there is no residue left behind.Read more
Jul 262011
The Ultimate Early Learning Collection: Preschool to Kindergarten Learning Songs & Twin Sisters Gift Certificate Giveaway

With the start of kindergarten right around the corner, my five-year-old son has been busy preparing himself for his first day of school. The Ultimate Early Learning Collection from Twin Sisters Productions with its great learning songs has been a great tool to help my son get ready and prepared for the skills that are needed in kindergarten. The Ultimate Early Learning Collection contains a hard-cover activity book and four learning songs CDs, and it is the perfect collection to prepare young kids when transitioning from  preschool to kindergarten.

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Jul 232011
Shutterfly Photo Book Custom Path Review & Giveaway (10 Winners)
I have been a Shutterfly member for many many years, and I have never once been disappointed with a Shutterfly photo product. I have ordered everything from photo prints, enlargements, photo cards, greeting cards and photo books, and every time I open up a delivery from Shutterfly I am excited, because I know that I can expect nothing but the best. 


My children’s grandparents and great grandparents live either abroad or several states away, so they do not get to see my sons very often.Read more
Jul 172011
Good Night, Gorilla Storybook Scholastic Treasures DVD Set Review and Giveaway

The Scholastic Storybook Treasures read-a-long dvds are great for when the kids need to take a break on rainy summer days, or whenever the scorching summer heat becomes too much. One of my sons’ favorite Scholastic Storybook Treasures is the Good Night, Gorilla dvd set consisting of 16 classic stories, some of which are narrated by Elle Fanning, James Naughton and Anthony Edwards.

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Dec 102010
BabyBaby Skin Care Body Wash Review and BabyBaby Gift Certificate Giveaway

One of the things that frightens me as a mom is the unknown, because how can I protect my children if I do not know what the danger looks like? If I pick up a regular children’s shampoo, baby wash or lotion at the store, the ingredient list will be very lengthy, and most often it is like reading a different language.

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Dec 032010
Wow! You Saved How Much by Renita R. Perrone Review & Giveaway

Wow! You Saved How Much?: A Step-by-Step Money-Saving GuideWow! You Saved how Much? A Step-By Step Money Saving Guide by Renita R. Perrone is a great start guide to maximizing your savings at the grocery store. As a coupon clipping, clearance shopping frugal mom, I was not sure how much I would learn from reading Wow! You Saved How Much, but I will admit that Perrone gave me quite a few tips that I can use myself.… Read more

Nov 102010
The Family Holiday Wish List: The Family Music Starter Kit Review & Giveaway (Bill Harley, Oran Etkins, Jeremy Zmuda and Jim Cosgrove)


My children love music, but my fifteen-month-old son is especially facsinated with all kinds of music. He will get up on our coffee table and start dancing, and whenever he hears a great beat he automatically start rocking it out. My family listens to a lot of different music, and our collection spans all different musical genres. We recently got a bunch of new children’s cds at our house including The Best Candy in The Whole World by Bill Harley, Use Your Words by Jeremy Zmuda, Swimming in Noodles by Jim Cosgrove and Wake Up Clarinet by Oran Etkin.… Read more
Oct 202010
Aquatopia Bath Time Safety Products Review and Giveaway

My bathtub has received a makeover, as Aquatopia has given it a mom-proof child-safe makeover with their Aquatopia Bath Time Safety Products. Thanks to the Aquatopia Bath Time Audible Thermometer, the Aquatopia Safety Bath Time Easy Kneeler and the Aquatopia Safety Bath Time Faucet and Tap Protector my bathtub is now a child friendly and mom approved place. 

We have two bathrooms in the house, but for several reasons our bathtub has rarely been used.… Read more

Oct 112010
$55 CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway

I am  very excited to announce another great giveaway from CSN Stores. This time the winner will get a $55 gift certificate to be used as any of CSN Stores 200+ online stores. CSN Stores has more than 200 online stores, and you can  buy anything from baby toys, tableware sets to a drop leaf table. There is in fact something for everyone at CSN Stores, and they have great customer service.… Read more